Our founder, Jake at an early age suffered asthma. It was triggered by dust, pollen, pets (including dogs), to name a few of the many catalysts. During his youth, he spent much of his time with his grandmother, who was schooled in the old ways. During her youth she told Jake that most medicines and treatments came directly from the earth, not big pharma. She mused that for many millennia, people survived without commercial drugs (an advent of the 19th-Century), just those provided by “mother-nature” why did things change.

His grandmother introduced Jake to aromatherapy, which in his case, was a simple lavender/eucalyptus blend of essential oils in a reed stick diffuser. By utilizing this blend, he was able to overcome most of his asthma attacks. Although this is not, by any means, a cure for asthma, each time you can substitute a chemical medication with a natural substance such as essential oils, you are assisting your body’s long-term health.

The reaction that Jake had to the natural treatment was so compelling that he decided to dedicate his life to aromatherapy. His goal is to share the vast domains of information with anyone who is wanting to learn more about the ancient way of wellness.

Our company prides itself on searching the world for the finest oils available. Presently, we source oils from more than 20 unique countries. However, our quest is not over. We continue to seek other locations and sources when they emerge. Our oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, with no fillers or carrier oils. Every product we sell is free of harsh chemicals and we refuse any product that has been tested on animals.