Portable Nebulizer


  • Our nebulizers release a pure, dry mist, without the use of heat or water. The nebulizer releases undiluted, breathable molecules that provide an extraordinary aromatherapy experience. Use our nebulizing diffuser to fill your room up quickly with eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, lemongrass, or rose scents.

    • Typical ultrasonic diffusers use water to release essential oils into the air. Diffusing with water dilutes the essential oil, which eliminates all the therapeutic benefits of the oils. Some diffusers even use heat to diffuse, which can be detrimental to inhale and might even alter the chemical composition of the oils.

    • Screw in a 10-15 mL bottle of essential oil. Lightly tap touch sensor power button and diffuse.

    • Add aromatherapy into your yoga, meditation, sleep, creativity, and mood enhancing routines. Recommended Scents: eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, rose and more.

    • - This diffuser is made of 100% hardwood painted with water-based lacquer and a beautiful, hand-blown glass reservoir

      - Whisper-quiet device uses an ultra-durable air pump to atomize pure essential oil.

      - Requires no heat or water. Diffuses 100% pure essential oil

      - Light Ambiance: Yellow Light or No Light

      - Capacity, Weight: 10 ml, 11 oz

      - Covers: 700+ sq ft

      - Size: 5 x 9 inch

      - Elec.: 110-220v

      - No Rust ever

      - Use only with 100% pure essential oils

    • - VINEVIDA by Two Scents Portable Nebulizing Diffuser

      - 2 Reusable Plastic Droppers/Pipettes

      - USB AC Adapter, USB cord

      - Manual

      - 1 year guaranteed warranty inc damages & services

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