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Red Thyme

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  • Red Thyme Essential Oil is a common ingredient in many popular dishes, and chances are you have some fresh or powdered thyme in your kitchen right now. While it adds a delicious flavor to meats, vegetables, soups, and stews, it also provides a range of health benefits.

    The oil has been used for centuries for its healing properties. Today, Red Thyme Essential Oil is used to boost immune system function, improve circulation, remove toxins from the body, and alleviate stress.

  • Botanical Name: Thymus vulgaris and Thymus zygis
    Country of Origin: Hungary
    Plant Part: Leaves and stems
    Aroma: woody, medicinal
    Color: Pale yellow liquid
    Perfumery Note: Middle
    Consistency: Moderately viscous
    Strength of Initial Aroma: Strong
    Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
    Blends Well With: bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lavender, rosemary

  • Topical: Mix 3 drops Thyme and rub on chest for colds.
    Aromatic: Diffuse 3-5 drops for respiratory infections.

  • Colds, muscle aches, oily skin, sore throats, respiratory conditions, insect bites, eases stress and anxiety and balances hormones.

  • Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
    Cautions: Excessive use may lead to headaches and nausea. Dilute oil when applying topically. Internal use is not suggested. Avoid during pregnancy. Keep out of reach of young children.