Color/Finish: Black

  • ꕥ  V 3.0 ATOMIZING DIFFUSER NEBULIZER - Fills the Room with Clean, Organic and Pure Aroma in Minutes - Better Than Any Ultrasonic diffusers

    ꕥ  WORKS EXCEPTIONALLY WELL in Big Rooms, Halls, Large Kitchens, and Work Places - So Elegant, Great Quality, Great Long-Lasting Gift Idea

    ꕥ  YOUR BEST CHOICE FOR NEBULIZER OIL DIFFUSER - The Atomizer Releases Pure Healthy Dry Mist with Breathable Molecules, Without Heat Involved

    ꕥ  USE OUR PURE AROMAS NEBULIZING DIFFUSER to Fill the Room Quickly with Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Or Rose Scents

    ꕥ  AROMATHERAPY EXPERIENCE - Natural Healing and Pure Joy, Super Quiet, Made with Blown Glass and 100% Hardwood so You Get the Undiluted Natural Oil Properties

    • Diffusers use water for extracting essential oils into the air, but Diffusing with Water, Heat and Plastic containers is bad for your health. There's another way. It’s called a nebulizer, which processes essential oils into a gas-like state. Nebulization / Atomization is absolutely the BEST way to get both aroma and therapeutic healing value from essential oils. It does not alter the chemical composition of the oils.

    • Pour up to 30 ml of 100% pure essential oil into the top off glass reservoir. Slide finger across touch sensor power button, and diffuse.

    • ADD AROMATHERAPY into your yoga, meditation, sleep, creativity, and mood enhancing routines. Recommended Scents: eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, rose and more.

    •     ● Made of 100% hardwood painted with water-based lacquer and a beautiful, hand-blown glass reservoir
          ● HEATLESS & WATERLESS: Nebulizers use an atomizing pump, which sends oil through a thin tube and releases a dry mist of micro-particles into the air - the healthiest, most efficient method of diffusing
          ● Whisper-quiet device uses an ultra-durable air pump to atomize pure essential oil. It has an elegant LED dim mood lighting with off/on
          ● Requires no heat or water. Diffuses 100% pure essential oil
          ● Customizable Light Ambiance: 7 colors - Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Turquoise, White, Purple
          ● Capacity, Weight: 30 ml, 11 oz
          ● Covers: 850+ sq ft
          ● Size: 5 x 9 inch
          ● Elec.: 110-220v
          ● No Rust ever
          ● Use only with 100% pure essential oils.

    •     ● Two Scents Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser
          ● 2 Reusable Plastic Droppers/Pipettes
          ● USB AC Adapter, USB cord
          ● Manual
          ● 1 year guaranteed warranty inc damages & services

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